The Lempert Report
June 08, 2022

Phil: So Walmart+, you know, Walmart+ started back in September, 2020 obviously didn't get the kind of attention that it should have because of the pandemic. But a new story in Consumer Reports really points out that if you're a Walmart shopper or close to a Walmart, you might want to think about joining Walmart+ instead of Amazon Prime because you could really save a lot more. Now, one of the things when you and I were talking about that I wasn't aware of, you know, yes, you get the free shipping, you can get same-day delivery on some waters, gas discounts and a scan and go app feature for store shoppers. So it really sounds like for those Walmart shoppers, this is a great deal. 

Sally: It does sound like a great deal. If you like shopping at Walmart you now you aren't gonna get with Amazon prime, you get the books and you get to stream movies. And so you're not gonna get that, but they are offering up a six free months of Spotify access with their membership. So if you sign up, you do get that benefit. And there are some other benefits as well. They have raised the the gas rewards to 10 cents per gallon instead of 5 cents. What it is would be for these members and the scan and go feature is pretty interesting to me. So basically you can shop in the store and scan your items as you shop and keep a running total, which I love that idea. And then you just go to the front of the store and you scan a QR code to check out and you're done. 

Phil: Yeah, it's a great program. And it's a shame that more people haven't really been aware of it. So hopefully we can help on that.