What Happens to Kids Who Eat Alone? #foodnotphones

The Lempert Report
October 16, 2023

A new study that was just published in the Public Health Nutrition Journal found that about 20% of adolescents report often eating alone. And the bottom line is, when you eat alone, it's related to being overweight or obese, having less healthy dietary intake, perceptions of less-supportant food-related parenting practices. And what they did is they analyzed the diet of 1,652 adolescents and that's where they found that 21% of them were eating alone. And you know, part of what we're trying to do on Food Not Phones is get people to talk to each other over the dinner table, over breakfast, over lunchtime, to be able to combat these kinds of situations. And what's so important and this study points it out is adolescents is considered a foundational life stage where individual patterns for long-term health behaviors are established that last into and throughout adulthood. So put down the phones while we're eating. 

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