What is Oscar Mayer doing?

The Lempert Report
September 12, 2022

On today’s Bullseye we have to wonder just what the folks at Oscar Mayer are thinking. On August 25 the brand introduced the “Cold Dog” – no its not eating cold Oscar Mayer wieners the way we did in college dorms, it’s a “hot dog” ice pop. Seriously? What is with all these iconic brands that are over stretching into the ice cream and frozen novelty case? Do they really think this is their future? If so, those brand managers better start looking for new jobs. I hear that McDonald’s is looking and now paying $16 an hour.

The Cold Dog is supposed to have the smoky umami notes of the hot dog made from gelato and topped with a squiggle of “mustard” – the Cold Dog does not contain any meat but according to the company offers the familiar and delicious notes of Oscar Mayer’s hickory smoked hot dogs, tomato, onion and more” – their words, not mine. By the way, I’d love to see the ingredient list and nutritionals but can’t seem them find it anywhere. And you may not be able to find the Cold Dog either – its being sold just in Long Beach California, New York City (a city known for its hot dog street vendors….I can see it now – “Get your ice cold Oscar Mayer Cold Dogs here” being shouted on 42nd and Broadway!) Atlanta, Georgia, and New Orleans – and only while supplies last – thank goodness! Hope they didn’t make too many. And to top off this stroke of GENIUS (NOT!)

They are taking the World Renowned Weinermobile and renovating it to be an ice cream truck for a temporary promotion. Seriously – brand managers – get back to reality. These gimmicks may get you social media likes and publicity – but think long terms – what are these doing to your brand’s image and future. You are becoming a laughingstock and your brand WILL suffer. Want that to be your legacy? By the way you can apply to your nearest McDonald’s at careers.mcdonalds.com – but please don’t try to make a Big Mac ice cream sandwich.