What we can learn from McDonald’s

The Lempert Report
January 22, 2016

A new way to upgrade your experience.

It was just a few short months ago that Wall Street, the industry and even their most loyal consumers seemed to be turning their back on McDonald’s and about ready to hammer that last nail in the behemoth’s coffin. 
Not so fast. Some of the folks in Oak Brook have been working quite diligently on carving out the chain’s future, and they are doing it through some pretty slick innovations.
Here in the U.S. while they may be experimenting with Mac & Cheese and other offshoots, their customizable “Create Your Taste” platform hits the mark, although some might question the rip off and build on Burger King’s long time slogan - Have it Your Way. This new menu concept allows you to select the type of bun, chicken or beef patty and toppings. A perfect way to “upgrade” your McDonald’s experience.
But those McDonald’s customers in Hong Kong have it even better! There “Create Your Taste” is done via a kiosk as is customized salads with ingredients including couscous, quinoa, asparagus and crayfish. It’s called “McDonald’s Next,” and even promotes customers to post their unique customized meals on #createyourtastehk and while it may be receiving all the attention one of the more interesting moves was to have a glass case that showcases all the ingredients – similar to what Subway’s restaurants have. 
It seems that McDonald’s might have that fighting spirit after all is said and done.