Women in Food

The Lempert Report
March 16, 2023

This month is Women's History Month and there's been a lot of articles written about these women who are running food companies, and food influencers. And for me, I can think of two, and Sally, you might have a lot more, but Rachel Berliner from Amy's Frozen food, she started it in her kitchen. It's a huge brand. Well, well loved brand. And also our friend Marion Nestle from N Y U. To me, these are two powerhouse women in food. What are some others we should know about?

Sally: Yes, agreed on both of those. And we are seeing more women-owned businesses. In fact, there are 114% more female entrepreneurs now than there were 20 years ago. And what's wonderful about having them in food, is, you know, a lot of these women are moms or have been moms, and they really seem to care about the planet and nutrition and food waste, and making sure that there is accessibility to food. So, you know, I've picked a couple here to talk about that I think really support these major issues that we face as a world right now. Starting with Julia Collins, who founded Moonshot Snacks in 2019. Now this is a black and women owned product. It's plant-based. It's a climate friendly cracker, and it is sourced from regeneratively grown ingredients. Very, very important. We are hearing a lot about regenerative agriculture and how good that is for our planet.

Sally: Also, I wanted to point out, Hema Reddy who is a former director of marketing for I B M. And she is the founder of the first plant-based hard boiled egg, Wunder Eggs. Now, this comes at a great time just because it's also because it's great for the planet, but also a lot of people are choosing more plant-based diets, even going vegan. And also the price of eggs been pretty high lately. So this may grab some attention. I don't know how much they cost, and then I also wanted to point out, founder and C E O of Hungry House, Kristen Barnett. This is in New York. This is a place for food brands and concepts to focus on, to come and focus on sustainability, diversity, quality, and transparency. All of these values that we are talking about that we need more in the food industry. And I love these companies that provide a space for new entrepreneurs and food makers to come in and learn how to get their products out there and learn how to do it the right way.

Phil: Absolutely. And it's a great time, a great month to celebrate women in food as well as all women, no matter what it is, but we just care about women in food. It's that simple. And, if I look at, for example, Colleen Wegman, from Wegman's, as Danny has passed the baton onto her, she's doing a fabulous job at one of the best retailers in the nation, probably in the world. So, you know, we celebrate women in food, no question about it.