Women: more responsibilities, and more responsible

The Lempert Report
June 14, 2013

WHO should retailers and brands target? Men or women?

WHO should retailers and brands target? Men or women? If you were to look at the evolving workplace in post-recession America, new research shows seven out of 10 women “work out of economic necessity” and four out of 10 are “sole providers for their households”. Armed with this information you might assume then, that the presence of men in the grocery stores has increased. However, according to this research, despite additional time and financial pressures, at least two-thirds of women say they are still the chief grocery shoppers, meal preparers, house cleaners, launderers and overall shoppers for their households. Even as women assume more responsibility outside the home, their diligence at food and home responsibilities remains the same. This latest research, comes from a Private Label Manufacturers Association study of 1,000 U.S. women conducted by GFK Custom Research North America. Other highlights were: • Three out of four women do more than 50% of the grocery shopping for their households, and two out of three do at least 75% of shopping. • An overwhelming 84.4% bear the responsibility of making meals. • More than eight out of 10 women feel they’re superior than men at planning grocery shopping, choosing healthier products, benefiting from coupons and ads. As such, women remain the most important target audience. But my advice? Don’t count out men yet! If you remember my trend predictions for 2013, I said we’ll see more men in the supermarket and in the kitchen as they continue to join the ranks of shopper and cook. Supermarkets experimenting with “man aisles” is still a good idea!