Are Your Shoppers Ready to Eat Insects?

Forty percent of the consumer panel said they would eat insects as an ingredient in their food.

Eating insects is gaining traction in the US as an increasing amount of food products, restaurants, and resources are going towards growing this sector.  The Food and Agricultural Organization’s report, Edible…

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Amazon Food Stores Wouldn't Disrupt The Grocery Business

In fact, they might not even succeed.

The unconfirmed reports that Amazon is planning to build 2,000 food stores within ten years here in the U.S., beginning with a pilot program of 20 stores by the end of 2018, has the grocery industry in a tizzy. The stores will reportedly be under the Amazon Fresh banner and will be tested in two formats…

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A New Twist To Growing Your Own Food

The CellPod is a home appliance that grows the ingredients for a healthy meal within a week from plant cells according to a report in

VTT a firm in Finland has developed it’s first CellPod prototype which is currently producing a harvest. Lauri Reuter, VTT research scientist said that "Urbanization and the environmental burden caused by agriculture are creating the need to develop new ways of producing food - CellPod is one of them.…

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Calm Your Holiday Nerves

Need some stress relief this holiday season? Head to your supermarket for stress relieving foods

We are in the thick of it, the holidays are here, and when you're feeling frazzled and in a hurry, you can’t forget that nature has provided foods that are known to have calming effects. There are also certain combinations of foods that can leave you feeling blissful, as well as satisfied and…

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Milk and Alternative’s Nutrition

Top two reasons shoppers are choosing milk is for protein and calcium. Find out the facts about milk and alternatives here

There are so many different types of milks on the supermarket shelves these days and SupermarketGuru knows the real reason you’re shoppers are drinking milk, for the protein and calcium. Cow milk and alternative non-dairy milks vary in terms of their protein and calcium content; here are the differences…

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