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More Celebrities Are Liking Frozen Foods

At least to invest in.

Daily Harvest is a plant-based frozen meal delivery service with pre-made smoothies, chia parfaits, soups and grain bowls loaded with superfoods and nutrients from whole fruits and veggies.   

The female-led company received…

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Healthy Spices on Trend for Popular 2018 Cuisines

People eating smarter and tastier may replace sodium, sweets and fats with spices.

Spices are at the center of the eat-healthier movement—for what they add to the American diet and help remove from it. The more spices people eat, potentially the less sodium, sweeteners and fats they use to flavor their foods. And now that spring has sprung, spices can be a great addition…

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Consumers Are Wary Of Amazon Key -- No Surprise

How safe do you feel? Personal security is top of mind these days

Originally published on

How safe do you feel? Personal security is top of mind these days: The American Psychological…

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What Makes A Shopper Loyal To A Grocery Retailer?

A team of business school researchers at Washington University in St. Louis found that shoppers weren't monogamist or bigamist but rather polygamist in their choice of outlets.

The vast majority -- a whopping 83 percent -- regularly visited between four and nine chain stores within a year's time to purchase groceries. Of 1,321 households studied among this rich dataset, only 12 stayed loyal to just one store. More than half, at 51.1 percent, went to the average of five to…

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Natural Goodness: Spring Produce

Spring is here! It’s the time when supermarkets experience an influx of spring fruits and vegetables - find out why it's beneficial to shop seasonally here

Spring is here! It’s the time when farmers markets, green grocers, and our local supermarkets experience an influx of spring fruits and vegetables. Most of us take for granted and forget how very lucky we are to be able to choose from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables all year round;…

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Product Reviews

Phil's Food Reviews for March 20th, 2018

This week Phil reviews: Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream Toffee Crunch, Hikari Miso Organic White Miso White Miso Paste, Califia Farms Better Half Creamer Original, Protes Protein Snacks Popcorn White Cheddar, SeaPak Shrimp and Seafood Company Selections Creamy Garlic Shrimp

Individual breakdown and nutrition information below:

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Another Way To Fight Climate Change

Change Your Diet!

According to a new study published in the National Academy of Sciences, researchers found that a leading motivator to stay on your diet is to focus on its impact on the environment.

Researchers at the University of Leiden,…

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Florida Key Lime Pie

Florida key lime pie is a simple, traditional recipe with a graham cracker crust and is an ideal dessert for spring or summer.

Published in partnership with Nutrition 411


Serves 8



  • 1¼ cups graham cracker crumbs
  • 1…

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Note To Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue:

It’s Time To Think About SNAP Before You Say Anything

Since February 13th, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvanely first floated their concept of the “America’s Harvest Box” as a way to reduce costs and the number of people on foods stamps (or SNAP – the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance…

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Walmart Joins The Battle For Grocery Delivery

Walmart’s announcement that it will expand its home delivery program may be one of the smartest recent moves for the chain as it puts itself in a powerful position in grocery.

Walmart’s announcement that it will expand its home delivery program may be one of the smartest recent moves for the chain as it puts itself in a powerful position…

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