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How We Can Find The Next Great Food Product

Food companies have shifted their approach and set up fully funded food incubators to find the latest and greatest from others outside their four walls. A new incubator from Chobani earns our respect.

The rules have changed. Gone are the days that big food would set up super product development departments and churn out hundreds upon hundreds of new foods to present internally to brand managers, sales folks and CEOs. Some passed the tests and made it to market. But too often even those failed.…

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The Foodservice Sales Story Isn’t As Clear As It May Seem

The truth behind the Acosta and Technomic 2nd Edition of The Why? Behind The Dine

There have been a bunch of headlines touting how consumer spending on foodservice has surpassed sales of food at retail 50.6% to 49.4%. While foodservice operations are rejoicing, the key to the truth behind the Acosta and Technomic 2nd Edition of The Why? Behind The Dine report…

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Sleep Deprivation and Weight

Are you skimping on sleep to get more exercise or chores done? Well we know how bad it feels to be sleep deprived and researchers recently found that it affects our fat cells

Are you waking up early to get in a workout before you head to work, or vice versa and staying up late to get some extra exercise? There have been many studies linking our weight to the amount of time we sleep, and the newest of the bunch found that too little shut-eye plays havoc with our fat…

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The Top Vitamin All Shoppers Should be Getting Now

The produce aisle is piled high with fruits and vegetables that boast high levels of immune supportive vitamin C and the many benefits that go along with this potent antioxidant.

It’s officially fall! Colder temperatures are just around the corner and that means we need to arm our bodies with defenses against colds, flus, and other ills that may come our way. Luckily the produce aisle is piled high with fruits and vegetables that boast high levels of immune supportive…

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Shoppers Are Demanding More Transparency

"Localize" is a new Canadian start up that wants to maintain some integrity in this unregulated market in order to help retailers capitalize on the local food trend.

Take a walk up and down the aisles and it’s easy to see why so many shoppers are confused. Local has been one of the biggest trends in supermarketing in decades, but picking up a product that is marked local that is made in Mexico is bewildering to many. As are foods grown in California, marked local…

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Lost in the Supermarket
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