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Food News Today for Saturday October 25th, 2014

Halloween Sweet Treats! Is Your Morning Coffee Fix Genetic?

With Halloween just days away, the season for sweet treats is officially upon us and this year consumers are expected to spend a pretty penny on candy.   Of the total $7.4 billion that the National Retail Federation expects U.S. consumers to spend on Halloween celebrations,…

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Fighting Farmer’s Market Fraud

The LA Times found several unsavory practices in Los Angeles County. 

Recently Jerry Brown, the governor of California signed a bill aimed at ridding farmer’s markets of fraud.  The bill authorizes about a million dollars that will primarily be used for hiring new state inspectors and reimbursing counties for local investigative work, as well as maintaining a…

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And the hypermarket neighborhood was born!

In Italy, a new format operates on a large surface in which you can buy for the whole year at the lowest prices, including fresh produce of the highest quality.

Originally published by Retail Watch.

by Antonello Vilardi

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It’s That Sweet Time of Year: Find out where sugar is hiding in your diet

Don’t forget to check labels for stealthy sugars. Read on for SupermarketGuru’s top tips on how to find added sugars.

Sugar is everywhere, and the infamous sweets holiday, Halloween is a week away. Halloween also kicks off the Holiday season, and that means treats, parties and dietary cheats. Regardless of holiday season or not, Americans of all ages are getting more sugar than they’ve bargained for. According…

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Consumers care who owns organic brands: TLR Quick Poll

For many, purchase rates and brand trust fall when ownership shifts.

The bond shoppers feel with some of their favorite organic food-and-beverage brands can erode quickly – when a major non-organic corporation scoops one up. 


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A new kind of "Food Truck"

The innovative company Saffron Road has taken advantage of a current cultural phenomenon.

Sometimes being innovative means taking advantage of cultural phenomenon’s.  For food companies and entrepreneurs, when a trend strikes you have to move fast and innovate at lightning speed. Take for example, Saffron Road… a food company who’s decided to capitalize on the latest food crazes.  The…

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Steal This Recipe® Pan Roasted Gnocchi with Asparagus, Oyster Mushrooms & Brown Butter Vinaigrette

From Scott Ekstrom, Forty Four, NY

This week’s recipe is from Scott Ekstrom, Executive Chef of Forty Four, at the Royalton Hotel in midtown Manhattan. The hotel is part of the Morgans Hotel Group, which includes hot spot hotels like the Ames in Boston, the Sanderson in London, the Mondrians in both New York and Los Angeles and the…

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The Key To Healthy Eating and Saving Money

Several simple grocery shopping techniques will help to save you cash at the register. SupermarketGuru wants to help you make the most of your shopping trips...

Many of us believe that purchasing healthy foods can be expensive — and that's probably because we're shopping and eating incorrectly. Several simple grocery shopping techniques will help to save you cash at the register. Let SupermarketGuru help you make the most of your shopping trips.

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Chefs Move to Schools Ready Set Eat Supermarket Chef Showdown
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