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The App Review: Forks

Each week we review a food related app. This week it’s Forks – restaurant coupons, grocery saving, & food discounts -- Featuring Groupon, LivingSocial & Valpak – find out what the Lempert Report thought.

What it says it does: Forks is a food discovery app that helps you find great food in your neighborhood at a discounted rate. Explore more than 50,000 restaurant options, all carefully curated and collected, from the best online and offline sources. All offers are verified…

September 23, 2016 Read More

The Lempert Report ®

The World’s First Organic Universal Bitter Blocker

It's an odorless, tasteless powder called ClearTaste

Taste buds have very sensitive microscopic hairs called microvilli (say: mye-kro-VILL-eye). Those tiny hairs send messages to the brain about how something tastes, so we know if it's sweet, sour, bitter, or salty. No doubt that how a food tastes is its most important attribute. Food fads have proven…

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