Sardines are Rich in Vitamin D and 6 More Things You Need to Know

Here are some great reasons to try sardines!

What is small, sustainable, swims in the sea, and is one of the few natural sources of vitamin D, and not to mention, readily available in almost any supermarket? Sardines of course! Sardines have been consumed as food for far longer than written records can vouch; but what we do know is…

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Are You Ready for Hemp History Week?

Is focus on marijuana overshadowing the benefits of hemp?

Phil Lempert, Editor

Originally published in the free, weekly e-newsletter, Facts, Figures & the Future.

The question I have is…

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Product Reviews

Flahavan's Steel Cut Quick to Cook Irish Oatmeal Original


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California's Drought: What it Really Means - Part 1

What does California's Drought really mean for us and how we grow our food?

According to The U.S. Drought Monitor 40% of California is in the “exceptional drought” category – which, according to the report "How unusual is the 2012–2014 California drought?", published in the American Geophysical Union journal,  is up 23% from a year ago making this drought the most…

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Product Reviews

KURA Protein Smoothie Powder Berry

It is a bit expensive, but worth it.

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Using rocket science to perfect your cooking!

Check out this new kitchen innovation.

Who doesn't love a little help in the kitchen?  Well here's a new, innovative kitchen tool coming to market, which will not only help, but will make sure your food is cooked to precision every time... while you sit back, and relax! Check out, the Cinder Sensing Cooker.


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Chefs Move to Schools Ready Set Eat Forkful
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