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Reinforcing Personalization

One of the most eye opening outcomes from the recent Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City was just how much both retailers and brands were focused on personalization.

Martha Rodgers and Don Peppers in their stellar book One to One Marketing correctly predicted this evolution – albeit decades before the technologies existed to make it reality. Today, technology fueled by the Internet has given this a solid platform to move forward.


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Nutrient-Packed Potatoes Reduce Appetite

Yes, potatoes when prepared the right way can reduce appetite, lower risk of heart disease and more!

Often times potatoes can get overlooked for their health and nutritional benefits, when in fact they can make an excellent  and versatile addition to your diet and actually have been proven…

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Supply Chain Management: The 10 Commandments for European Retailers

The importance attributed to the "Supply Chain" is almost unanimously shared by the workforce, although managerial and academic applications on the subject are not yet incisively developed.

By Antonello Vilardi - ITALY - RETAIL WATCH

Performance control aimed at improving efficiency is probably the only true command that inspires business processes: the mass market is obviously not excluded.

Supply Chain Management is expression that indicates…

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What Generation Z Thinks About Snacks

Supermarketguru's Amy Goldsmith met with 200 6th-8th graders and discussed the food industry and their snacking habits.

Generation Z is the first generation to grow up in the digital age where smart phones and social media is the norm. They are intense multi-taskers and expect efficiencies in all aspects of their life, including retail purchases and food. Recently, Senior Editorial and Communications…

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Is the Fight over GMO's History?

DuPont Pioneer has developed a new strain of drought-resistant waxy corn, that is, genetically edited corn which some say is a revolution.

The corn will probably be the first plant to market developed through the cutting-edge genome-editing technique called CRISPR-Cas. 

And it seems like Dupont has learned from the plight of its rival Monsanto who has spent millions battling the fallout from its own GMO crops. 


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Tomatoes Can Cut Risk of Skin Cancer, and 5 More Things You Need to Know

Find out the six reasons you need to add tomatoes to your shopping list today.

Tomatoes are versatile and delicious, gorgeously red and super tasty when freshly picked and even quickly canned or jarred. Luckily, it’s tomato season around the country and that means the tastiest, fresh off the vine tomatoes of the year are here!

Almost any recipe…

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Fishing is About to Change

Food Tech Connect reports that Kulisha is taking on the destructive fishing practices of commercial vessels with the... Black Soldier Fly.

Practices like bottom trawling, blast fishing and cyanide fishing result in unintentional by-catch and the destruction…

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Organic Foods May Finally Be Proven To Be More Nutritious

Five years ago, a highly publicized meta-analysis of more than 200 studies concluded that organic food was no more nutritious than conventionally grown food.

Since then, however, additional work has suggested the organic foods contain more health-benefiting phytochemicals. Now, researchers have found that flavonoid levels and antioxidant activity in organic onions are higher than in conventional onions. Their investigation, in ACS' Journal…

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Nutella’s Personalized Packaging Connects with Consumers

Millennials show less interest for mainstream brand offerings and are more intrigued by customized brands and services.

According to a study by Deloitte, shoppers would actually be willing to pay more for customized products or services and they prefer to be actively…

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Shoppers Continue to Purchase More Fresh Foods

Think deli meats and sushi!

In case the food world is not paying attention, the “fresh” experience is attracting more and more shoppers, and retailers are taking advantage of this increase in interest. In fact the next time you’re in the fresh department, notice how many shopping carts you see perusing the selections,…

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