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Celebrity Food Endorsements: the Good and the Bad

We take a look at healthy vs. unhealthy celebrity endorsements.

We start with the good. FNV was launched by Partnership for a Healthier America along with a collaboration of companies, celebrities, athletes and organizations that to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. 

Ryan Shadrick Wilson, general counsel at Partnership for a Healthier America…

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Avocado 101

Need a quick reference guide when shopping in the market? Here’s your avocado 101

Originally from south-central Mexico (aguacate), the avocado (Persea Americana) is considered a Native American plant. Ninety percent are produced in California.

How to Buy: Avoid dark blemishes or overly soft fruit. If overly ripe, flesh turns dark and loses its delicate flavor. Avocados…

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Coconut Products are Expensive! Should You Buy Them?

Are coconut products worth the expense?

Coconut oil prices have soared largely because of the growing popularity of specialty products such as coconut water, flour and coconut sugar. As reported by the WSJ, the desire for coconut products has caused a jump in prices and according to World Bank data, prices are more than 50% higher…

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The Food Network Wants To Deliver Your Dinner

What happens when you take Food Network and create a partnership with Instacart? A new supermarket competitor.

It’s Instacart’s same day deliver model based on recipes on Food Network’s website. Find a recipe you like, add ingredients from that recipe to your Instacart shopping cart, select a delivery time, and an Instacart Personal Shopper will deliver the items later that same day. 

While it may…

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Lost in the Supermarket
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