High Blood Sugar in Teens? Here are 7 Ways to Get Levels Back in Check

Healthy eating can help normalize blood sugar levels and get teens healthier. Here are seven tips:

Nearly one in five American teenagers has an abnormal glucose level, according to new government data. Findings were published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association by Andy Menke, PhD, an epidemiologist with Social & Scientific Systems, and colleagues. Using…

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Phil's Food Reviews for July 25, 2016

This week Phil reviews: HummusPlus Garlic Hummus + Garlic Herb Chicken Breast, Sauces 'n Love Ricotta, Aged Cheddar, and Kale Gluten Free Ravioli, Pier 33 Gourmet Mussels Butter Garlic, Ian's Gluten Free Organic Sweet Potato Sticks Savory, Padma's Easy Exotic Organic Rice Thai Jasmine Medley

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