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The Effects of Tobacco Labeling Continue

The objective of the AGInnovation Center is to help farms transition from growing tobacco to fruit and vegetable production, and distribute those crops to profitable local and statewide markets.

The SAIC is in Richmond County, at the intersection of N.C. 73 and N.C. 220, the heart of tobacco country which now has farmers engage to shift away from what was a profitable and growing crop to turning their farmland into valuable resources for other foods.

“The food hub is a tool for a…

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The Burger Trend, You Know, Those $5 + Burgers, Might Be Over

If what is going on in Chicago is any indication, burger chains might be in trouble.

"The fast-casual burger segment got too crowded, the competition got too intense and a lot of these places did not give customers a compelling reason to visit," says Bonnie Riggs, an analyst with market research firm NPD Group. "It's a tough place to be." The fast-casual market, which posted six years…

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Grocery List Essentials for Diabetes

As more and more people of all ages are diagnosed with diabetes everyday, grocery stores can expect people to turn more toward home cooked meals, seeking out nutrition advice and healthier options for feeding themselves and their families.

By Tyler Kim, RDBA Dietetic Intern, Wellness Workdays

30.3 million Americans in 2015 had Type 2 diabetes, and 1.5 million more are diagnosed every year.  Type 2 diabetes, which…

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Steal This Recipe® Stubbelada and Beer Can Chicken

Check out these great recipes for fall tailgaters and grilling enthusiasts.

Rocky Stubblefield, brand ambassador of the nationally known makers of Stubb’s barbecue sauces, and grandson of the inventor, has a great recipe for fall tailgaters, weekend grill enthusiasts, or anyone who loves a flavorful beer/tomato mixture beverage paired with a delicious chicken recipe.…

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Hersheys Innovates To Keep Sales

But the innovation is not in candy.

Most of the brands that are being sold at checkout have a problem. A big problem. Not only are some stores setting up candy free check stands, others are pushing us to use self-checkout lanes while click & collect or delivery keeps growing. What’s a candy company to do?  

Join the trend not…

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Trash Food Is Still Food

Anthony Bourdain wouldn't call himself an activist but as the executive producer of Wasted! The Story of Food Waste, he raises awareness about waste culture and his personal relationship with the food industry.

By Debora Hermele 

Anthony Bourdain wouldn't call himself an activist but as the executive producer of Wasted! The Story…

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The Lesson Hello Fresh Learned Painfully

Crafting their images from artful to messy.

May Parsey, Hello Fresh’s graphic designer shared with Entrepreneur a valuable learning – that HelloFresh has come to an important realization … that there can…

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Whole Foods' John Mackey Is Struggling With Whole Foods' Amazon Culture

John Mackey describes the culture clash of Amazon and Whole Foods as challenging and announced a retreat to help him and other top Whole Foods executives align with Amazon’s higher purpose.

Originally published on

John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods, says he learned valuable life lessons from his…

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London's First Zero-Waste Supermarket Has Opened

A new store in the UK shows US supermarkets how to reduce food waste.

Refinery29 reports that the Bulk Market opened in Dalston, Hackney, a district of East London, and will run as a pop-up shop on Kingsland Road until 25th October,…

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Encourage More Shopping Trips to Waste Less Food

Retailers can help shoppers waste less food with improved delivery options, meal planning and more compelling in-store shopping experiences. 

Yesterday was World Food Day, and thanks to Feeding America, we were reminded that 41 million people in America don’t get enough to eat, while 72  billion pounds of safe food ends up in our landfills each year. These are startling and unfortunate statistics. And those reading the news have…

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