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Everyone Wants To Sell Food – Even Facebook

The new feature “Order Food” has been in test for over a year and allows users to Order food from local restaurants including EatStreet,, Slice, Jack in the Box, Five Guys, Papa Johns, Chipotle, El Pollo Loco, Jimmy John’s and Panera.

You can find “Order Food” under the Explore Menu where you can browse restaurants, similar to Uber Eats, and then order for delivery or take-out. Following the Facebook mantra, it also includes restaurant reviews from your Facebook friends; no doubt adding a new higher level of credibility to the…

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Product Reviews

Phil's Food Reviews for November 21st, 2017

This week Phil reviews: Doritos Crunch Mix Nacho Cheese, ONE Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Flavored Protein Bar, Old Wisconsin Natural Cut Turkey Sausage Hardwood-Smoked Snack Sticks, Yves Kale & Quinoa Bites

Individual Review links with nutrition information and product breakdown are listed below:

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Looking for 30 Under 30 Rising Stars in the Food Industry

We need your help in finding these food industry game-changers. 

We all know how important it is to listen to the ideas our younger generation has to share, as there is a great deal to learn from their perspective on evolving modern culture. We are looking to feature some of the country’s brightest, most innovative rising stars in the food industry that…

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Register for Food and Retail Top Ten Trends Forecast for 2018

Join me on Wednesday December 13, 2017 at 12 noon Eastern for our once-a-year free live streaming event “2018 Top Ten Trends Forecast.”

Join me on Wednesday December 13, 2017 at 12 noon Eastern for our once-a-year free live streaming event “2018 Top Ten Trends Forecast.” 

As you know every year for the past…

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Five Steps to Less Waste on Thanksgiving Day

Retailers can help guide shoppers, especially on Thanksgiving Day, in making a few adjustments for less food waste.

You’ve heard the statistics! An estimated 40 percent of food produced in the United States goes to waste. Consumers can have a significant impact on this with their shopping behaviors and how they handle food at home. Innovators around the world are rapidly creating ways through technology…

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TV Cooking Segments May Never Be The Same

Sesame Street’s favorite foodie, Cookie Monster, is getting his own cooking segment during the 30-minute PBS children’s show

Food & Wine reports that the beloved blue creature and his new friend, Gonger, will be operating a food truck together. In each segment, the pals receive a call from a child who wants to order a…

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Trump Administration Wants to Deregulate the Poultry Industry, Poll Shows Little Approval

Eighty-six percent think deregulations on animal processing could have a negative impact.

President Trump has been clear on his aggressive stance when it comes to revising and eliminating regulations that he feels are inhibiting economic growth. In fact, upon moving into the White House, he immediately signed the “two-for-one” executive order, which very simply states that for…

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Organic Valley Wants To Change The Food World

Adweek has a terrific story about a terrific company, Organic Valley, which is putting fitness trackers on its cows and setting them off on their usual daily trek.

Adweek writes that as it turns out, the bovines take more steps a day than most people, according to the spot. “Looking good, ladies,” says…

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Cranberries for Your Health

It's cranberry season!

Originally published on

One of North America’s native, commercially grown fruits, the cranberry is an American staple used ubiquitously in the Thanksgiving meal. Long praised for its tart taste and incredible versatility, the cranberry…

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Steal This Recipe® Roasted Turkey & Vegetables, Gravy & Cranberry Orange Salsa | Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa

From Chef Anthony Stewart, this low-fat, low-calorie, low-sodium Thanksgiving feast will have your waistband giving thanks this year!

Stolen with permission from Chef Anthony Stewart, Executive Chef at Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa, this low-fat, low-calorie, low-sodium version of the Thanksgiving feast will have your waistband giving thanks this year! As the average American eats about 3,000-3,500 calories during the Thanksgiving…

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