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Standards in place for "Gluten Free"

"Gluten free" foods have become a huge trend and a big business in the last few years.

The Food and Drug Administration recently set in place new standards for Gluten Free labeling. So basically now, if a food package says it's gluten free, you can be well assured that it is! 

Under a rule announced a year ago, food manufacturers had until August…

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Claims Decoded: Animal Welfare

Ever wondered what the various welfare labels on animal products really mean? Here is SupermarketGuru’s guide to understanding what went into your food.

Ever wondered what the various welfare labels on animal products really mean? Smarter shopping is one of SupermarketGuru’s passions, whether it’s knowing how your food was produced or how to get the best deals, SupermarketGuru wants you to have the facts. There are a lot of misleading food labels…

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Why programmatic may matter to retailers

As P&G automates most digital media buys, other CPGers need more familiarity with the practice.

Food retailers and CPG marketers share a goal – to be better able to influence target customers to buy in real time.

To this end, CPG companies increasingly adopt programmatic (automated) media buys. Procter & Gamble intends to…

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The Catalina Sea Ranch

Having joined forces with Verizon, CSR secured the first permit for offshore aquaculture in U.S. Federal waters

Phil Lempert According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s FishWatch program, the United States produces only 5 percent of it's own seafood supply. Thanks to an innovative business concept however, this statistic is about to change. Catalina Sea Ranch,…

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Is your produce section about health or opportunistic sales?

Supermarkets are at a crossroads in merchandising fruits and vegetables with other products.

Are food retailers slowly killing the golden goose?

The produce department is so vital to winning store selection, generating trips, putting shoppers in a buying mood, and positioning a banner as a health and wellness destination.…

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Steal This Recipe® Pollo Capri

From Chef Joanie Corneil of Bella's Italian Café, Tampa, Florida

'Stolen with permission' from Chef Joanie Corneil, co-owner and executive chef of Bella's Italian Café, in Tampa, Florida, this mushroom lovers' recipe will dazzle your guests - if you love mushrooms as much as we do then you'll love this simple recipe: sautéed chicken breasts topped with smoked mozzarella…

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Get Creative: Eat More Produce

Can produce help people find meaning in their life? A New Zealand study thinks so. Find out the specifics here...

Can fresh produce help us feel more curious and creative, as well as more engaged, so we can live meaningful and purposeful lives?  Research published in the British Journal of Health and Psychology found…

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Product Reviews

New Product Hits & Misses for August 20th, 2014

This week's Hit of the Week scored 94!

  • Nonni's Biscotti Bites Almond Dark Chocolate
  • Golazo Hydration Replenishing Electrolyte Drink Mandarin Flavor
  • Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce 
  • Way Better Snacks Simply Tangy Mustard + Onion Tortilla Chips
  • Vermont Peanut Butter Beenut Butter

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The supplier deck reshuffles

There’s some good and bad as companies and brands change hands.

Food industry mergers and brand acquisitions will likely place more upward price pressure on key categories, since food and nonfood prices are already rising today, says The Lempert Report. And supermarkets will have to decide whether to absorb them or pass them along.

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Chefs Move to Schools Ready Set Eat Supermarket Chef Showdown
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