Happy Halloween: Stay Healthy and Safe

Excited about Halloween? Here are some tips from SupermarketGuru to help keep you stay focused and not go overboard on the indulgences this weekend.

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How Restaurants in Europe Are Handling Food Waste

Here are some great examples of restaurants in Europe finding ways to combat food waste.

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Whey for Weight Loss and Immunity?

Protein is all the rage these days and more and more people are adopting snack options and meal replacements that contain whey protein. Find out the top five things you need to know here.

Oct 29, 2014 Read More

Caffeine Intake in Kids and Teens

From the upcoming November 2014 issue of Food, Nutrition & Science.

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Are Potatoes a Good Post Workout Food?

Potatoes have a place in history. Find out how and more of SupermarketGuru’s suggestions here.

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And the hypermarket neighborhood was born!

In Italy, a new format operates on a large surface in which you can buy for the whole year at the lowest prices, including fresh produce of the highest quality.

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It’s That Sweet Time of Year: Find out where sugar is hiding in your diet

Don’t forget to check labels for stealthy sugars. Read on for SupermarketGuru’s top tips on how to find added sugars.

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Consumers care who owns organic brands: TLR Quick Poll

For many, purchase rates and brand trust fall when ownership shifts.

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The Key To Healthy Eating and Saving Money

Several simple grocery shopping techniques will help to save you cash at the register. SupermarketGuru wants to help you make the most of your shopping trips...

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Avocados Help You Mind Your Cholesterol and Four More Things You Should Know

Avocados are an incredibly popular food and they are often referred to as a power food, which is not surprising given their many health promoting benefits. You might eat avocados on a weekly basis but do you know the many benefits? Find out here.

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