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Mary's Gone Crackers Thins Kale


Sep 04, 2015 Watch Video

Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze Raspberry Coconut

This pouch is so good, and so good for you.

Sep 03, 2015 Watch Video

Biena Foods Roasted Chickpeas Habanero

These are a little drier than I had expected.

Sep 02, 2015 Watch Video

I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs Sea Salt Truffle

These puffs are crunchy with just a touch of salt.

Sep 01, 2015 Watch Video

Herr's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Old Bay® Seasoning

Not too salty and are not too greasy.

Aug 31, 2015 Watch Video

Crescent Foods Angus Beef Stew is my PICK OF THE WEEK!

One of the tastiest Angus beef products I've had.

Aug 28, 2015 Watch Video

YumEarth Soft-Tasting Gluten-Free Peach Licorice

This licorice is a great change of flavor pace from the typical cherry or strawberry.

Aug 27, 2015 Watch Video

Nutiva CHIApple Chia Seeds and Fruit, Coconut Mango

Yes, it's in a pouch, but it's a terrific snack.

Aug 26, 2015 Watch Video

RW Garcia MixtBag Veggie Tortilla Chips

Three varieties in each bag. Spinach & Garlic, Carrot, Tomato & Sesame and Red Beet & Onion.

Aug 25, 2015 Watch Video

Ready Pac Bistro Bowl Jamaican Style Jerk Hemp Seed Salad

This Hemp Seed Salad is really good and good for you!

Aug 24, 2015 Watch Video

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