Escarole & Beans

This week Kathy's recipe is a hearty and healthy Italian classic that won't put a strain on your belt or your wallet!

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BREWING TIPS: Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy coffee has been made for centuries by soldiers, campers, and wranglers plus anyone who wants to "boil" coffee with its grounds over an open flame. It's as simple to carry the ingredients when backpacking as it is when herding a range of cattle.

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Cowboy Coffee

Recipes for cowboy coffee are legion and we offer here just one. Despite the outdoor location, don't hesitate to pack measuring spoons as exact measurements do make the best coffee. Practice makes perfect and it gives you something wonderful to do while you're outdoors.

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Green Chile Chicken Stew

We hope you like this homey easy-to-make feel-good Green Chile Chicken Stew as much as we do. We couldn't help ourselves and also "stole" some tips to help you create some delicious tummy-warming Green Chile Sauce yourself.

Sep 27, 2006 Read More

Grilled Seafood Sausage with Beurre Blanc Sauce

When we think of sausage, we usually think of meat. But with the help of Chef David Waltuck, Executive Chef of Chanterelle in New York City, this is where your sausage experience goes out to sea.

May 17, 2006 Read More

Piccata Sauce

This is a two-part recipe, easily prepared and very delicious.

Apr 19, 2006 Read More

Red Wine Reduction Sauce

This is a two part recipe, is relatively easy to prepare and is delicious.

Aug 24, 2005 Read More

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